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    KALEIDOSCOPE SLEEK EDGES 2 oz.100% natural.Edge Smoother OR HAIR POMADERecommended for all types of hair.Hair Stays Sleek WHEN USED AS A POMADEHolds hair in placeDirections: On relaxed hair when you apply it can last 5-7 days. For natural hair when you apply to edges please also apply to 1/4 inch back to get the ultimate hold and lasts 3-5 days. Hold, sculpt, flatten and smooth hair as desired. When using as a pomade put a quarter size in your hand and smooth hair in place. ...

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      KALEIDOSCOPE MIRACLE DROPSRevitalizes hair follicles and strengthens weak hair.100% natural Drug Free Hair GrowthHair regrowth for women and men with alopecia.Recommended for all types of hair.Revitalizes Hair Follicles.Strengthens Weak Hair.Hair Loss Treatment.2 FL OZDirections:Take a before picture & again in 4 weeksMUST BE APPLIED 3-5 TIMES A WEEK Apply to areas of thinning and/or itchy scalp No need to squeeze the dropper, a few drops is sufficientExpect results in 4-6 weeks Ingredients:...

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        KALEIDOSCOPE BUNDLE "LIMITED TIME OFFER"Get the hottest hair growth system in the industry! We're giving you of Kaleidoscopes best products in one bundle! Don't miss out on this limited time offer! Save 25% off RetailKALEIDOSCOPE SLEEK EDGES 2 oz.- Just what you need to lay those edges downKALEIDOSCOPE MIRACLE DROPS 2 oz. - Revitalizes hair follicles and strengthens hairKALEIDOSCOPE MILK SHAKE LEAVE-IN DETANGLER 8 oz. - Detangles, adds body, leaves hair glossy , nourished and frizz-free* While...

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          KALEIDOSCOPE MILK SHAKE LEAVE-IN DETANGLER100% natural.kid friendlyDetangles, adds body, leaves hair glossy , nourished and frizz-freeRecommended for Naturalistas and Hair Extensions.Helps Restore Curl Patterns.Helps Repair Damage HairStrengthens Hair 8 FL OZDirections: Spray evenly on towel-dried hair. Massage in and comb gently. Leave in hair, Style as desired

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